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Why Use Alternate Fuel?

Converting engines to propane and natural gas is nothing new. The same technology used over fifty years ago, with a track record to match, is still the standard today.
Almost every engine that runs on alternate fuel started out as a gasoline engine. For instance, visit any home center, warehouse, or industrial complex and you will find forklifts running on propane. These lifts had their gasoline systems removed and were replaced with propane components.
One of the reasons the in-field type conversions are so popular is that factory conversions are much more expensive versus a do-it-yourself kit.

Here are just a few reasons why engines are converted:

First of all propane and natural gas burn cleaner than gasoline. No carbon deposits in the engine or on the spark plug.
Second, the fuel is already a vapor so the engine can be started at IDLE instead of wide open throttle. Would you start your car with your foot to the floor? It has been proven that the majority of engine wear takes place when the engine is first started. So it's easy to see that an alternate fueled engine can last several times longer than a gasoline engine.

Alternate fuel does not go stale so it's ready when you need it. No additives are required.

In ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, and other disasters, natural gas and propane are always s readily available. If you've ever been caught in a line at the gas station with your little lawn mower gasoline tank only to find out the gas station has no power to run their pumps, you know that gasoline is not a good emergency back-up fuel. Long lines and small storage are only part of the reasons gasoline is not to be counted on as a back-up fuel.
Natural Gas is the most dependable fuel the average person could have. Today's gas mains with their redundant backup systems can be counted on to supply natural gas in the most common emergency situations. Propane can be safely stored for years with no apparent decrease in quality. It is easily transportable in small cylinders.
Both natural gas and propane customers tell us all the time how they have used their generators nonstop for days and were so glad they made the switch prior to an emergency.
As a vapor, the engine can start in very cold weather. Propane vaporizes even at 40 BELOW ZERO!

Recall we mentioned forklifts? The reason they are running on propane is the three reasons mentioned above and the fact that they are being used indoors. Because of their low carbon monoxide emissions, they are approved for indoor use. Even though no generator or kit is approved for indoor use, the point is, alternate fuel makes what comes out of the muffler cleaner and better for the environment.



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