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Monday August 09, 2010

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bulletNatural gas is billed in THERMS.
bulletA therm represents a unit or block of 100,000 btu of fuel.
bulletThe national average price per therm is around 80 cents.  
bulletA generator engine running at 3600 rpm under full load consumes on average about 10,000 btu per horsepower per hour.

Using these figures, we can figure the estimated usage for any size engine.  For instance a 10hp engine used on a 5000 watt generator running at FULL load should use no more than 100,000 btu's per hour and cost approximately 80 cents per hour to operate.  At the usual 50% load (2500 watts output average) the same engine should use no more than 50,000 btu per hour and cost approximately forty cents per hour to operate.

To compare that to gasoline (110,000 btu per gallon) simply times the cost of 1 therm of natural gas by 1.1 to arrive at the comparable value.  For example, a therm of natural gas at eighty cents times 1.1 would equal eighty eight cents per gallon. 

So if you are paying over $0.88 per gallon for gasoline, you can save by using natural gas. 

To know your true cost of natural gas per therm use a past gas bill that was sent to you during a period that you are most likely to use your generator.  In the northern regions this would probably be in the winter months during the ice storms and blizzards season and down in the south in Florida and other southern areas use a past bill during the hurricane season. Take the total bottom line bill amount and divide that amount by the actual terms used.  This will take into account the fees and services that are not part of the actual therm price.  This is your true price per therm used.  Keep in mind that most natural as suppliers give better rates for higher monthly usage so peak months that you use the most therms are going to be your best per therm price.

For information on Pipe Size requirements visit the Natural Gas Page.

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